Soap Chips


October 13th, 2014


What I find interesting is the good and bad, ying and yang, devil and God in all things. I also find it interesting that God always wins. What I mean by all this is that there have been times of recent whereby I have approached folks for help who literally laugh in my face and others where folks offer to help. I will not go into detail but it seems like every time I get a push back God reveals someone or something that is positive. And God always has the last word.

As for matter of fact stuff I registered yesterday. It costs $10.

Kathi did create a nice little flyer or neighborhood handout she suggests the boys hand out in order to get donations of towels wash clothes etc. Great idea and one I really appreciate. What amazes me is that I did not ask her but after she had some initial push back on the idea etc. she took the time to create such documents. That was God at work and on her heart.

Oh, another lesson, I think it better to do and not ask. What I mean by that is do what needs to be done and let others offer to help. I think when we ask for help we are imposing on others when if lead by God He will show them what it is for them to do. It will be His work and not mine. Amen!